Neeka Swimwear started as a creative outlet, but has slowly become my life's passion. I'm a California girl who loves the beach lifestyle and practically lives in her bikini, so I decided to put my sewing skills and creativeness to the test and create my own bikinis. 

Once I got started however, I began to realize my love of sharing my creations with the world around me which is how Neeka Swimwear was created. I am constantly inspired by new trends, people, and things within my life which is why I'm always coming up with new unique styles for those who love good quality one of a kind bikinis.  

Each bikini I make is made with love and is one of a kind! Everything you see within my store is custom to your preferences and cannot be seen identically anywhere else, which is part of what makes buying handmade such a special experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I'm always open to any style alterations so if there's ever something you'd like to add or take away from a style I offer just let me know.


Xx, Dominica